Bronca Ford Bronco, Bronco Custom Design Your Own Tire Cover, US-mfg. Comes with a Camera Hole on Outdoor Heavy Duty Marine Grade Vinyl


Ford Bronca Bronco Custom Design Your Own Spare Tire Cover – U.S. Made Spare Tire Cover -Bronco/Jeep/Rv Comes with a Camera Hole - High Endurance Heavy Outdoor Marine Grade Vinyl Spare Tire Cover. I can color-match any color you have on your Bronco, Jeep, RV....etc.

Send me your image and i print it on your Tire Cover.!!!

Look at the other Tire Covers for sale on the market. They fit like trash bag junk from China. They are made of thin material that is not true vinyl. My covers fit like a glove and are made of Heavy Duty Outdoor Marine Grade vinyl. Nobody in this industry has been making covers longer than me and my family.

If you are unsure what size is installed on the vehicle please check the size as listed on the tire sidewall.
Then e-mail me with the information and I will tell you what size you need to order. You can also use the online tire calculator

If you order the wrong size you will be responsible for shipping charges and possibly a restocking fee. also dirty or ripped covers due to ordering the wrong size will not be eligible for exchange

100% Manufactured in the USA by legal citizens of this country.

Slip-on style tire cover installs easily with the use of an elastic shock cord. Hand screen printed and sewn in Largo, Florida.

Custom-made for each specific tire size, not a universal fit tire cover.

Custom-made to fit OEM spare tires 30" - 40"

This cover is Directly printed with a Solvent eco-friendly Digital printer using UV protective inks.

We have been in the Tire cover industry since 1973. No other Tire Cover Business can say this....we are the original Tire Cover company for the USA.

3 Year Warranty for any defects related to material or workmanship.